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Animals by Barry

Barry Levin

Wildlife and Animal Art


Evolution of My Artwork:
Step by Step

Marsh Rabbitt .jpeg

Marsh Rabbit
Acrylic on linen canvas


I prepped a 20”x16” linen canvas with a vignette of 3 light green acrylic colors (wet on wet) then applied my Marsh Rabbit layout in white and black India ink.

image 1.jpeg

I lay down about 10 under colors to my Marsh Rabbit painting.

The distinguishing characteristic of this species is a light colored cinnamon ring around the eye.

This will primarily be a head portrait and to isolate the head both the background and foreground will consist of soft non distracting shapes. The body will also be non distinct. The reflection in the eye however will be crisp and give an indication of the environment.

image 2.jpeg

I painted black lines on the Marsh Rabbit painting. I plan to work from dark to light lines.

image 3.jpeg
image 4.jpeg

I have added dark brown line work.

Next I painted several different pink colors in the ear, nose and eye of my Marsh Rabbit painting. Then I applied reddish brown line work to the fur.

image 5.jpeg

I added progressively lighter line work to the fur finishing with white.


I have added some colors to the background and foreground plus additional subject details.

The painting is now mostly done. I will be adding a bit more detail, varnish effects and signature.

I will frame this in a simple black floater frame.

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