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Animals by Barry

Barry Levin

Wildlife and Animal Art


Evolution of My Artwork:
Step by Step

Common Loons En Passant.jpeg

Common Loons En Passant Acrylic on linen canvas 18”x24”


I prepped a 18”x24” linen canvas with a black, dark blue and green vignette (wet on wet).

I then applied my Common Loons layout using white and black India inks.

The upper right corner is actually black, but due to lighting and camera limitations appears as a lighter color.


I am painting the water first so I can clean up the edges when I paint the birds.

Here I have applied a green and yellow color to the water.


I have added some blues to the water. This completes the basic water colors. I will add additional water detail as I paint the Loons.


I have begun painting the birds of my Common Loons painting.

I have mostly applied white, but also some grey, red and black. These colors are also being worked into the water where appropriate.


As I add more detail and get closer to completion I have decided to change the name of the painting from “”Common Loons” to “Common Loons En Passant” (in passing)


I have added a very small amount of brown to add warmth and detail.

I have also retouched the details an painted a small amount of texture in the heads and beaks.

Except for the final varnish effect the Common Loons En Passant is essentially done.

The beaks will appear different because additional details will be sandwiched between varnish layers but the next photo will be the complete high quality photo.

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