Barry Levin, Westport CT

Hyper-realistic animal paintings

Barry Levin has been around animals all his life. Since a very young age he has been breeding and caring for many types of animals.

He received a BA in “biology and art for medical illustration” from Hartwick College.

Barry drifted away from his art and became involved in the printing field. He recently returned to painting wildlife and animals. The style is hyper-realistic. The colors are vibrant and alive.

Barry builds a lot of detail into his work. Some of this detail is bold, some is very subtle and some is not clearly defined at all. The longer you look the more you will see. When you leave there will still be a few things to wonder about.

The actual painting is only part of the story. Many possible subjects are carefully researched for accuracy. Only a small percentage ends up as paintings. He likes subjects that tell a story or educate the viewer about the animals. He also enjoys exploring new visual principles with each painting.

Upcoming shows include Earthplace, Richter House.

Recent shows include Greenwich Audubon Center, New Canaan Nature Center, Webster Bank, Max’s.

Recent excellence awards include Richter Art Association, Housatonic Valley Cultural Alliance